There are two Aikido Dojo in Aberdeen which are part of the same group and both are members of the Aikido for Daily Life organisation which is a full member of The British Aikido Board. For students / staff at The University of Aberdeen we have The Aberdeen University Aikido Club; for everyone else, we have The Aberdeen City Aikido Club ("The City Club").

The City Club

The Aberdeen City Aikido Club's main training venue is St. Stephen's church hall on Powis place.

The City Club is open to anyone over the age of 18 who wants to learn and share in the training; we train every Monday (19.30-21.30) and every Thursday (19.30-21.30) at St. Stephen's church hall, Powis place, Aberdeen. Beginners are always welcome as are practitioners of other arts and styles of Aikido.

The cost of training is 5GBP per class with concession rates available for those who need it. For those who plan on training twice per week regularly, we offer the option of paying monthly in advance by standing order at a cost of 25GBP/month. Membership and insurance costs an additional fee that is calculated on a pro-rata basis; for a full year, it costs 28GBP.


The club is organised and managed by the following club officers:

Dojo Leader & Instructor: Jo Duncan, 2nd Dan
Club Treasurer & Instructor: Wullie Allan, 1st Dan

Club Instructor: Mary-Jane Manson (1st Dan) and Andrew Manson (1st Dan)

The University of Aberdeen Aikido Club

The Aberdeen University Aikido Club is exclusively for students, staff and alumni of The University of Aberdeen. We train on Wednesdays (20.00-22.00) and Saturdays (11.00-13.00) at The King’s Pavilion during term-time only i.e. not over examination periods or holidays.

The University Club is organised and managed by an elected committee and the following club officers:

Dojo Leader & Instructor: Jo Duncan (2nd Dan)

Club Instructor: Wullie Allan (1st Dan), Mary-Jane Manson (1st Dan) and Andrew Manson (1st Dan).

Dojo Affiliation

Both The City Club and The University Club in Aberdeen are members of the association Aikido for Daily Life (ADL) which is a member of The British Aikido Board.

We have no stylistic affiliation but we are support members of Aikido Shimbokukai and we're a part of the ADL association which allows us to maintain a degree of technical quality.

Our previous heritage was that of Ki-Aikido and then Aikido Yuishinkai (see club history below). Nowadays, a main technical influence of our dojo comes by way of Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei (of Boulder Aikikai) although we purposefully seek out any and all teachers who can bring us closer to understanding O-Sensei's "Aiki".

Club History

The University Club was once an Iwama Aikido dojo but their instructor left in 2004 and the club was folding. At the same time, Mike Haft (then of Banyu Hatten Aikido - BHA) arrived in Aberdeen to study and took control of the club and led its training. The club was a success and in order to allow non-university people to train in Aikido, The City Club was born on April 26th 2006. At this time, we went by the moniker "Banyu Hatten Aikido Aberdeen".

We started in a school hall on a hodgepodge of mats of all sizes and then eventually moved to The Beach Leisure Centre which we called home for some years (until July 1st 2010 when we moved to St. Stephen's). Mike left Aberdeen in early 2009, leaving Jo Duncan (then ikkyu) in charge of instruction at the clubs and we existed as a a part of BHA until mid-late 2009. When Mike decided to leave BHA, we elected to follow and changed our name to "Aberdeen Aikido Yuishinkai". 

We formed a new association called "Takagashirakai" (named after Mike's village of Hawkshead) and continued training in Aikido Yuishinkai under Koretoshi Maruyama Sensei. Not long thereafter, we were joined by our now good friends from Glasgow at Senshin Dojo (formerly Northwoodside Aikido, then Aikido Yushinkai Glasgow) and our small association started to grow and thrive for some time.

Eventually it was decided to dissolve the association with each club going their separate ways. Glasgow dojo and Aberdeen dojo each elected to join the Aikido for Daily Life association due to their ethos and diversity of stylistic approaches. Because we had met, trained with and invited members of ADL to teach us, Aberdeen clubs were accepted immediately and there we have been since early 2013. In 2016, an optional dual membership to ADL and Aikido Shimbokukai was introduced and is currently available to those who wish to support the Shimbokukai and Hombu Dojo.

We've gone through many changes with many people coming through our doors in the past. You are welcome to come and join our club so that you can be a part of our future.